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Railings & Fences

decorative metal work

Decorative Metalwork

Railings, Fences & Decorative Metalwork

Railings and Fences

We don't just make fences fit to protect a home - we make fences fit to your tastes. When you order a fence from East Coast, we customize it however you want. There's a wide selection of adornments, finishes, and heavy-duty locks such as Magna-latch to choose from. If you're an architect, we work directly from your blueprint - no need to follow up with other contractors.

Our fences are strong, durable and can be mechanically fastened together or welded by certified welders depending on your budget and requirements. East Coast fencing is built to match your needs whether you're working on creating a safer home, swimming pool area or commercial project. All fencing and metal work is engineered by design professionals familiar with building code requirements specific to these types of products.

  • We offer dead-locks, vertical and side pull locks, drop-bolts, and other types of locks, including Magna-latch.
  • Choose from different types of caps, finials, and rings to top off fence posts.
  • Hinges and hardware are designed and engineered to support different gate weights.

Decorative Metal Work

We don't just custom-build fences. Any kind of metalwork is up for grabs. Bring us any metalwork request - from home projects like a trellis or sculptures, to commercial work like doors, gates, and staircases - and we'll build it for you.

No other aluminum provider in the area has the architectural know-how to do the work for you like we can. No blueprint? We'll help you plan your project out. You won't get this kind of tailored metalwork with anyone else in the industry.

  • Aluminum can be altered to resemble other types of metal, like cast iron and wood.
  • Other metalwork projects for the home and barn we cover include trellises, shelving, entry doors, sliding and swinging stall doors, stall partitions and fronts, window yokes, and more.
  • Add aesthetic beauty and strength to a commercial project with wall scones, railings, gate crests, and door hardware.