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Resurfacing Textures (Close-Up)

Sprayed Textured Deck Resurfacing

For lots of people, the time and money it takes to construct most types of pool decks is simply too much. Pool decking with tiles and bricks also need regular replacement and weeding, adding more costs in the long run. If you're looking for a pool deck that avoids these problems, a sprayed texture concrete deck is a great alternative. A design template is laid down on the concrete foundation and the spray grout materials are sprayed over it, then the design template is lifted back up to expose the design, the concrete stain finish is then applied. The result is a colorful deck, just as slip-resistant as others, that fits perfectly in smaller budgets.

Have a certain design in mind? East Coast makes all of their decks to custom order.

  • Gain access to a variety of designs: two-tone, knock down finish,and more.
  • A full textured deck job takes only hours to complete, far less time than other pool decks.
  • Costs start at only a few dollars per square foot.