Palm Beach County Courthouse

Palm Beach County Courthouse

Solar Panel installation

Solar Panel Installation(Close-Up)

Commercial & Municipal Projects

Unlike other aluminum contractors in southeast Florida, East Coast works directly with architects instead of passing them along to subcontractors. Since we custom-make all of our aluminum products, we can work right off your blueprint and provide what you need all in one place, from the main metalwork itself to any trims and features.

Our team of experts use custom software to plan your project. Anyone can construct a project to code, but our rigorous planning ensures your project holds up to time and use to cut down on maintenance in the long run.

Are you an architect in need of an enclosure, fencing, or other metalwork? More importantly, do you need it done right the first time? It goes without saying. Contact East Coast today.

  • All enclosures, metalwork, and projects on this site are available for commercial/municipal work, as well as any custom work.
  • Past projects include the Palm Beach County Courthouse, the Lantana, FL Police Department, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the Gap Clothing Stores, Apple Electronics Store, Amtrak and more.