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Glass Enclosures

Glass Enclosures

Florida Rooms, Solariums & Residential Glass Enclosures

Solariums bring in the great outdoors without the overbearing heat of the sun or bugs and pests. Also called sunrooms or Florida rooms, a solarium is a glass enclosure that can stand on its own or compliment pools and patios. Each residential glass enclosure can be designed with tinted, insulated, hurricane impact rated glass or acrylic to bring in light while blocking out excess heat. This keeps your sunroom cool during summer and traps heat inside to stay warm during winter. All of this is held together by a sturdy aluminum frame fully engineered by a design professional familiar with the building code requirements specific to these types of enclosures. A solarium grants you a clean year-round living space for many year-rounds to come.

  • Enclosures can be designed utilizing horizontal sliding windows, single hung windows, sliding glass doors, swinging doors as well as solid wall and roof panels.
  • Our trusted source will help you install additional add-on systems, like climate controls, further electrical work, concrete foundation work and more.